About Us

Showcar Technical Services Limited (STS) is dedicated to the support of Showcar Simulators, with over 50 years of joint experience of simulation, simulation related engineering and most importantly customer service within the company.

STS enjoys an excellent reputation with its customers, both in the UK and overseas, as it constantly delivers excellent products, Showcar upgrades and customer support, combined with rapid responsiveness and excellent value- for-money in all that we do.

STS is responsible for the integration of the technical hardware required to enhance the driving experience and to transform the Showcar into a simulator.

STS are supporting key activities such as product integration, intensive training, 12 months warranty period and a telephone/email customer support / helpline.

Technical and Commercial Partners

At STS, we use a range of both technical and commercial partners to ensure that we are able to provide the very latest and very best products on the market.

STS use the highly accurate rFactor software to create a fully immersive experience.